FAQ frequently asked questions

Here are some of most common questions from players who have registered with bitcoincasino.us.

Our casino strives to process all transactions as fast as possible. Withdrawals up to 1 BTC are processed instantly, withdrawals above 1 BTC are subjected to a maximum wait time of 60 minutes.

Yes. Our casino provides players with all of the necessary details for review in our terms and conditions page, this covers all bonuses and any other special rewards. Here are our requirements for bonus wagers.

Bonus payments are generally calculated according to a bet placed during the bonus round. The active bonus also has a limit to the amount that can be placed on the bet. Check the bonus page for additional details on the maximum allowable bets, wager requirements and other conditions.

Maintaining compliance with fair gaming standards is an important feature of our online casino. We understand the concerns of players who want to verify the fairness of our online games. Most of our casino games are provably fair. You can verify the provability while playing a game. This is the best standard for proving fairness and guaranteeing that our players are interacting with only the most authentic, verified gaming systems. For additional information on verification and provability, you can always contact us directly with a detailed support request.

Bitcoins are a relatively new, authentic digital currency. They can be purchased through bitcoin exchanges, which are online markets for the currency. Buyers and sellers use these exchanges to change existing currencies into bitcoins, which can be used to purchase goods and services from participating venders. To interact with a bitcoin exchange, it is necessary to download the software from a vendor. Examples of bitcoin exchanges include Cubits, Mt.Gox and Circle. Once you use these exchanges to convert your money into bitcoin, it will be stored in a digital wallet that features the strongest level of encryption available. Converting your currency to bitcoin allows you to participate in our online casino because our payment services are compatible with bitcoin.

At this time, we do not allow users to create more than one account for any reason. In addition, only one account is available for each IP address.

Our transaction processing services are designed for speed. This allows you to instantly get access to the money you deposit, so you can start gaming immediately.

We do not impose any limits on how much money you can deposit, but there is a minimum deposit requirement of 0.001 BTC, or bitcoin. This minimum amount is necessary to confirm your account.

New accounts (Under a month old) can withdraw up to 12 BTC per month, but our VIP gamers (Over a month old) are allowed higher limits. You can get more detailed information on these terms by visiting our terms page.

Our online casino is designed with the best technology available, and this makes it unlikely that you will experience any type of malfunction when using our system. However, there are other reasons why a game could freeze right in the middle of a round. If this happens, our server will maintain the state of the game so that you can simply resume playing at the point where an interruption occurred.

Our security systems are aggressive and thorough. Protecting the privacy of our players is the cornerstone of our business model. We meticulously isolate all of your bitcoins in a separate, offline system. This avoids any interaction with any Internet connection, which prevents the most common forms of data theft. These offline bitcoin wallets are encrypted with the highest standards used by banking institutions and government entities.

All of our correspondence systems are encrypted to ensure your protection. This encryption protocol is designed to maintain the safety of all of the communications that take place between your browser and our website. Our privacy protocols are in compliance with the best standards in the industry. We also maintain a rigorous safeguard system that protects your private data and personal information at all times.

Yes. Usually we do not require any personal information, not even your name, but there are some situations where we are obligated to know. Example if your account is flagged as suspicious,hacked or double spend.

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