Provably Fair

Security and Fairness Are the Name of the Game

When players log onto, they can feel safe in the knowledge that their gaming sessions will be fair. After all, there's more enjoyment in the process of gambling when you know that the outcomes are not being altered. This is why has made it a priority to incorporate state-of-the-art technology into every round that is played. Although it can be incredibly complex to set up safeguards to make an online casino provably fair, the owners of felt it was important that players feel comfortable with the functions of their favourite games.

When Did Provably Fair Bitcoin Casinos Emerge?

It was in 2012 that bitcoin casino operators saw a need to provide their players with mechanisms that would prove fairness, and this was when the very first online casinos began to use provably fair systems. As soon as the idea caught steam and online casinos were able to devote resources to obtaining the right resources, provably fair casinos became increasingly popular.

How Does Provability Work?

For something that is fairly complex to design and implement, the concept of provability is quite easy to understand. Basically, a random number generator is used to come up with a result. However, this isn't just any random generator; in order to ensure fairness, the generator is certified by an independent organization.

After the random number is produced, it is then "hashed" with a secret number also created by the algorithm. Hash functions are used in data a great deal, with many industries outside of online gaming using hash codes as part of their daily operations. Hashing is used in conjunction with cryptography, DNA and all kinds of other fields that employ the use of data. Many people might be surprised to learn that the term "hashing" has actually been around since the 1950s!

Once the random number and secret number have been hashed, the result is then referred to as the "fingerprint". Just like a person's fingerprint, it is unique. Once a fingerprint has been created, there will never be another one like it. To enhance the game even more, players can select a "seed" as well. This will be any number between zero and nine. All of these functions occur within the blink of an eye, and then you'll see your wins or losses on the screen.

Your Final Results—Out in the Open

In the interest of transparency, will show you all of the factors that contributed to your results. You'll see the random number generated, the secret number, and even the fingerprint that was created. In addition, you'll even catch a glimpse of the seed you selected, as well as your final result.

How Do I Check the Outcome?

You can either use a third-party tool or install the widget to make sure that the algorithm is functioning properly. With the markets now flooded with bitcoin casinos, it's crucial to select the right one. Now that provability is a possibility, it would seem that the bitcoin casinos who don't make use of this technology are becoming obsolete. Customers truly value this new feature, which is why decided to prioritize its implementation.

The Way of the Future

Gaming enthusiasts have spoken, and has responded by putting aside resources to make this online bitcoin casino into a provably fair system. Aside from the fairness aspect, many players also enjoy having the ability to take a glimpse into the back end of the game. It's a win-win for the casino operators, who know that the provability at will attract new customers and delight those who are already using the casino. When real money is on the line and the stakes are this high, it pays to patronize an online casino that honours its customers—and backs this up with solid data.

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