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If you enjoy our gaming community and would like the opportunity to earn an income, then you won't want to miss our affiliate program. As a member of our casino, you can refer other players to our website, and you will earn a percentage of the tokens that they purchase. Not only can you earn an upfront commission, but you can also earn a recurring commission depending on how long each player remains active.

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10 reasons
why we have one of the TOP programs
Trusted by Popular Portals
Players are careful, and many of them will only play at casinos that have a positive reputation in the community. Major portals trust our casino, and the resulting credibility will increase your earning potential.
High Conversion Rate
Before joining an affiliate program, you are likely to want to know about the conversion rate so that you can determine whether signing up is worth your time. This concern is understandable, which is why we are proud to have one of the highest conversion rates in the industry. We attribute our success to the popularity of our brand, and we have put in a lot of time and effort to build trust within the marketplace. You can take advantage of our achievements by becoming an affiliate.
Player Retention Team
Some online casinos are unprofessional and don't devote much effort into retaining their players, which is a costly mistake. Online gaming sites that don't maintain a decent player retention rate will likely go out of business fast, and the work that their affiliates have done will go to waste. Our casino has a professional and experienced team that is dedicated to retaining each player for as long as possible.
Reliable Payments
The world of affiliate marketing is full of companies that don't pay their members on time, so many people want to learn about the reliability of a company before they start doing business with them. If you ask any of our current or past affiliates, then they will tell you that you will receive your payments on the second day of each month GUARENTEED, which gives you peace of mind.
Unlimited Earnings
Some affiliate programs will limit the amount of money that you can earn because they want to enjoy the results of your hard work, but that is unfair. When you work hard to refer a player to a casino, you deserve to receive compensation. Joining our program allows you to enjoy unlimited earnings, and the amount of profit that you can generate directly depends on the amount of time and energy that you spend referring players.
Anonymous Earnings
People have various reasons for not wanting the revenue that they generate online to be traceable, and we don't ask any questions. You will only be required to provide us with an email address and a bitcoin account, and you will start receiving anonymous payments for your work. Banks and other financial agencies will not have any record of your payments or the location from which they came, and you will have complete control over your account.
If your goal is to get the most from your efforts, then you might be wondering how you can achieve your desired outcome. Having access to detailed reports is one of the best ways to improve your efficiency, and you will enjoy greater profitability as a result. We will let you see which players are the most profitable to you, and you can focus your efforts on referring more people will similar interests.
Fair Commission
If you are like most people, then you are curious about the percentage of the revenue that you can keep after joining us. Although some casinos provide their affiliates with 10 or 20 percent of the revenue, you can earn up to 45 percent of the profit that we get from the players that you have referred.
Players Accepted Worldwide
If an online gaming site restricts access to their games based on a player's location, then your earning potential will be severely limited. You will lose access to entire regions of people who would be likely to spend a lot of money, but you won't have that problem when you sign up for our affiliate program. We want to optimize your earning potential, so we accept players from all countries, including the United States.
Refer others to our affiliate program & earn and additional 5%

You can now refer others to join our affiliate program and earn yourself and additional 5% of what they earn.

To register as an Affiliate, you need to create a player account first. Click on the Sign-up button located at the TOP of the page.

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Commission Structure
We payout Affiliates in the 1st day of the month!
if generated less than 5 BTC
if generated between 5-10 BTC
if generated between 10-15 BTC
if generated between 15-20 BTC
if generated greater than 20 BTC
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